The information below is for members and non-members in relation to attending club training, social activities and triathlon events.


Triathlon Australia and Triathlon Victoria have jointly undertaken significant work to plan the resumption of triathlon in our state. This is a constantly changing environment so whether you plan to compete at a triathlon event intrastate or interstate, please ensure you are familiar with the appropriate and most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19.

Use the resources below to locate some of the COVID-19 information that you may need:

DHHS - LATEST UPDATES (Coronavirus):







As triathlon events resume around Australia, CCTS recommends that all coaches, the committee and club members undertake the COVID-19 infection control training provided by the Government (30 min module). Please use the link below:

Infection Control Training - COVID-19

Triathlon Australia - General Guidelines to Protect Against Infection

Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or longer or use a hand sanitizer before and after.

Do not share equipment.

Bring a full water bottle and avoid touching taps or water fountains.

If you need to sneeze or cough do so into a tissue, dispose of immediately, and sanitize. Or,  cough/ sneeze into upper arm and sanitize.

Arrive as close as possible to the start time or refer to any staggered start plans as per your group.

Avoid touching gates, fences, handles etc.

Do not attend if you or anyone in your household are not feeling well. Return once there is a full recovery and maintain communication with your club or coach.

During activity
Follow directions as per physical distancing.

Avoid contact with others.

Avoid touching your face.

Avoid spitting.

Do not share food, drinks, equipment, or towels.

Maintain social distancing when taking any breaks.

Wear any gear to the session and leave as soon as possible after finishing and shower/change at home.

After session
Wash hands or sanitize thoroughly after leaving.

Avoid changerooms.

Clean equipment after each session.

No groups should congregate before or after training


For more information download the Triathlon Australia
National Guidelines for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities.