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The above word map collates some of the words associated with CCTS.

What do you think about when you consider the words triathlon club?


At CCTS we try to think beyond our club and consider our village and all aspects of the triathlon way of life.


Your triathlon journey will be influenced by a host of factors and people, including but not limited to:

  • your physical health and fitness

- training, nutrition, rest and recovery

  • your mental attitude and aptitude

- resilience, motivation, inspiration, social skills

  • your family

- level of support and involvement, competing demands on your time, ability to juggle and prioritise

  • your friends

- how understanding, supportive and encouraging your friends are

  • your employment/working life

- competing demands on your time, financial stability

  • your personal engagement with the club, coaches, other club members and the community

- ability to learn from those around you, attain new skills, knowledge and understanding, being part of a triathlon club means giving back to the club and the community that supports you to ensure sustainability

  • your organisational and club affiliations

- it takes the commitment of "a real big village" (Ash Barty, Australian Open Champion, 2022, speaking about the Australian Open event) to put on triathlon events, including World Triathlon , Triathlon Australia, State triathlon associations, event organisers, local Councils, traffic management companies, technical officials and a plethora of volunteers.



Being a member of a triathlon club is more than training to complete a race. It is an opportunity to belong to a village.

Our Village

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