Partners and Sponsors

Who supports our club.

MetaGene Pty Ltd



MetaGene is a national supplier of products to the life science research and diagnostic markets.

MetaGene products are used both in cancer research and cancer diagnosis.

MetaGene is committed to making a positive impact in the Australian community by consistently seeking to improve practices and philanthropic goals in ways that relate directly to health and lifestyle.

In August 2020 MetaGene commenced a partnership with CCTS to provide ongoing financial and in-kind support which has included:

  1. Financial support of CCTS young community sport members in the form of paid memberships
  2. Technology (Garmin sensors) to support indoor cycle training (during lockdown)
  3. Australian-made, BPA-free drink bottles for all new members
  4. 50% contribution towards a new 6mx3m logo-branded marquee
  5. MetaGene Triathlete Youth Ambassador Program providing financial support and sport equipment to CCTS talented triathlete Skye

For more information on MetaGene visit their website: