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Ride Safe

A cyclist dies every nine days in Australia.

Rider or driver, we all have a part to play in making our roads a safer place. More than 1 million people of all ages ride a bike each week in Victoria, for recreation, for health and fitness or as a form of transport.

How cyclists can safely share the road with drivers:
  • Stay Alert
  • Avoid distractions
  • Be seen - wear bright colours
  • Do not ride too close to the kerb/gutter
  • Look for hazards (potholes, branches, car doors opening/dooring)
  • Make your intentions clear at intersections
  • Make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians (so you know they have seen you)
  • Ride defensively - be alert to vehicles and be predictable
How drivers can safely share the road with bike riders:
  • Be alert and don't drive distracted.
  • Be patient and keep your distance from bike riders, at least one metre on roads with speed limits up to 60km/h, and at least 1.5 metres if you’re travelling over 60km/h.
  • Drivers may briefly cross a single or double centre line to overtake a bicycle rider, but only if the way ahead is clear and it is safe to do so.
  • After overtaking, make sure you are well clear of the bike rider before moving back
  • Watch out for bike riders at intersections and roundabouts
  • Drive cautiously and watch out for bike riders in residential streets
  • Do not drive in bicycle lanes
  • Give way to bike riders in bicycle lanes if you are turning across the lane
  • Indicate when pulling out, changing lanes or turning, so bike riders know your intentions
  • Check behind you before opening your car door, use your mirrors and do a head check.  Make sure your passengers are careful when opening their car doors too
  • Yes, riders can ride two abreast (not more than 1.5 metres apart) so be patient when trying to pass
Cycling Codes of Conduct

Cycling Victoria's ‘Code of Conduct for Training Cyclists’ is designed to encourage safe riding by bike riders, particularly when riding in groups.

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct for Training Cyclists [PDF 1.2Mb]

A new Code of Conduct for Bicycle Riders has been developed following the implementation of the Minimum Passing Distance law. This document provide tips and rules for safe bicycle riding, particularly when commuting.

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct for Bicycle Riders [PDF 621 Kb]


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New to cycling? then download Bike Law from VICTORIA LEGAL AID. This booklet explains road rules for bicycle riders in Victoria:



Please stay safe on the roads.

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